hungry hold-up

A glacial claw scrapes at my skin
as snowflakes bandy ‘bout my chin.
I’m sick of waiting for this train.
Oh no! – now snow has turned to rain!
My toes are slowly going numb.
When will that tardy tortoise come?
Ma told me to be home by eight,
“And dear, please try to not be late,
for Pa and I don’t like to wait
when sitting in a famished state.”
As heaven’s tears fall on my shoe,
my mind drifts to Ma’s pumpkin stew.
Big, luscious lumps of solid gold,
all that a gut could want to hold,
are mixed with pork and cumin seeds
to satisfy one’s hunger needs.
Paprika and oregano
conspire to make rich flavor flow
and salt and pepper are a must
for a repast which you can trust!
But – what is this!? What do I see,
amidst this foggy, soggy sea!?
My train is ambling ‘round the bend
just like an absent-minded friend.
I can’t believe it’s here at last!
It’s time for me to break my fast
and leave this lonely little spot
to peek inside Ma’s cooking pot!

Steam-002_jpeg photo: SK Benjamin


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