forbidden rain

Inside your walls my tears have no value.
I am not the enemy.
I am not the ghost in the alabaster robe.

Yet, is it not my brother who kindles
Calvary across your grandfather’s lawn?
And, is it not my sister, who runs away, even
though she fights the same tyrant within
her own home?

They have promised themselves an unattainable
kingdom, grasping at their illegitimate rule with
only their skin to guide them.

Voices of the innocent, silent and broken, swoop
through Gabriel’s wings.  Listen—listen to them
as they affectionately and ferociously battle for
the living.  Twisted necks will be made straight.

I cannot weep for you.
I am not allowed.
I will not weep for them.
I shall not allow myself.

Actions speak louder than tears.
Inside your walls my tears have no value.
But now, here, in the darkness, when alone,
I weep long into the night.


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