When the words on the page mirror the whisperings of my heart, I shall close my weary eyes. Only then, will I finally lay my pen to rest.

Welcome to Sundry Folly! The above words were penned at 3 a.m. on a non-Wednesday morning, when the thoughts running through my mind prevented sleep from coming.  I believe that creativity with no outlet is a form of self-destruction and thus, in a sense, writing is a “self-care” sedative which helps unravel the chaos that lies within me. This blog attempts to weave a tapestry out of the mottled threads in my head. I write poems, prose, short stories, and essays. I only post short work on Sundry Folly.

I moved to Japan in July 2015 because my husband was offered a teaching position in Kofu.  Before Japan, we lived in South Korea for three years.  The majority of my first year in Korea was spent studying the Korean language.  In 2013, I worked as an English conversation instructor at an after-school language academy and then from May to October of 2014, I worked as an itinerant English teacher, teaching children between the ages of three and nine.  When I watch my students navigate the boundaries between their mother tongue and English I am reminded of how beautiful language can be and how it can connect us to others and to ourselves. While living in South Korea, I logged significant time studying the Korean language. The Korean poems that appear on Sundry Folly were written as a means of studying for the TOPIK (Korean language test), which I passed at the Intermediate Level in 2015.

In April of 2016, I will begin a new position teaching English at a High School in Yamanashi Prefecture.  And yes, study of Korean has now given way to study of Japanese. The two languages share much in common, so the transition to Japanese has not been a difficult one.

Prior to moving to East Asia, I lived in San Francisco for six years.  During that time, I earned a graduate degree in Special Education while working in the analog to digital media conversion industry.  I am originally from Allentown, Pennsylvania, which is in the northeast of the United States.

Why is the blog called Sundry Folly? Sundry Folly is just another way of saying “assorted absurdities” or “a variety of madness.” My blog has no unified theme, therefore it seemed to be an appropriate way to refer to my writing.

My writing is heavily influenced by the visual and so, I also post my photography on Sundry Folly. I used to do more photography than writing, but these days it seems that writing has become my primary focus.

Thank you for stopping by! I hope that you will find something on the blog that you like!

-S.K. Benjamin

Have a question?  I can be reached at sundryfolly@gmail.com




 This blog is dedicated to the memory of Kristin Heaster Benjamin, who inspired so many of us with her creativity, her wisdom, and her love.


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