Best of SF

As almost every veteran blogger knows, not all posts are created equal.  You may collect 40 likes for what you post on Monday, but only one like for what you put out on Tuesday. Some bloggers feverishly attempt to find ways to increase their web traffic in order to receive more likes and comments, while others take a more nonchalant approach towards blog stats.  I most certainly fall into the latter category. Of course I am delighted when a post receives a significant amount of attention, however I am not disappointed on days when readership is low.  In short, I take the highs and the lows of my blog stats neither  personally nor seriously.  After all, it is not compulsory to like or comment on every blog post that one reads. I believe that likes and comments should be viewed as voluntary compliments rather than as mandatory feedback.  Besides, while I do screen for quality, not everything that I post is a gem.

Nevertheless, there is an abundance of content available on Sundry Folly and I realize that most visitors will not scroll through six years of postings to locate its hidden pearls. That being the case, I have created this “best of” page so that the blog’s casual tourists can easily access content which their fellow netizens have found to be engaging.

Below, I have provided links to Sundry Folly’s top five writing and top four photography posts.

Top Five Writing Posts
:::last rites:::
Empty Vessels
for a friend, on her birthday
::now I lay me down::
as I can (a sedoka)

Top Four Photography Posts
Handsome Hawk
Floating Foliage
River Ride
날고있는갈매기/Flying Seagull