South End Sunday

I went to South End late last night
to eat some oyster stew
and saw a wicked awesome fight
while sipping on my brew!

Sweet punches flew like fighter planes
from two gigantic men,
until some cops came bearing chains
and passage to the pen!



:::fly back::: (partial song lyrics)

Little Bird, fly back to bed.
Mama’s got a whisky head.
Close your eyes, then count to three,
dream a little dream for me.

Little Bird, fly back to bed.
Don’t you know the day is dead?
Hold your doll and squeeze her tight,
I’ll find you in the morning light.

“Little Bird, fly back to bed,”
Mama’s voice quite softly said.
But bellies cry for bits of bread;
and won’t sleep until their fed.

Swallowing Serenade



Their songs were sung without a care
for those who slumbered soundly there.

This morning, I was happy to be awoken by the cheerful songs of some little barn swallows.
Kofu, Japan 
July, 15th, 2017

One Thousand Hopes

Crane Collage

Please burn us when dark evenings yawn.
and joyful days will surely dawn.

I recently finished folding one thousand origami cranes (known in Japan as Senbazuru) as a gift for a friend who is expecting her first child.  This was my first time completing such a project.  When I began the folding, my cranes looked a bit bedraggled, but after making 150 of them, I began to develop a technique.

There is a Japanese legend that says a wish will be granted to anyone who folds a thousand cranes.  It is common for people to present them as gifts to family and cherished friends.