Over the Ridge

Silent night
Unholy night

Beneath the silver popping trees of yuletide, scarlet
spotted pearls lie shivering beside frost covered hazel eyes.

Twisted twin crescent moons grimace at scores of faceless
souls strewn upon fate’s sanguine stage before perishing
within the enslaving silk of the Great Spider Above.

What I tell you three times is true.



*edited after initial posting

Flowers of a Moment: Poem 49

초등학교 유리창마다
석양이 빛나고 있다

그 유리창 하나하나가 실컷 신들이었다



the setting sun shines through
each elementary school window

every one of those windows was an illimitable god

-Ko Un



This is poem 49 from Flowers of a Moment, which is a small volume of poetry by Korean author Ko Un that I am currently translating into English.