Behind this stony mask I see
a man of worth resides in sin.
I think I hear a silent plea
behind this stony mask I see
and now it falls in front of me
so that forgiveness can begin.
Behind this stony mask I see
a man of worth resides in sin.



This is my first time trying Triolet form – I think that this one is a little rough around the edges.

Dark Hour

37 strings
2 hands
Loneliness slips through these faded floorboards.
I hope that it never comes back.

Somehow your Mother Maybelle voice seeps into the
room and then into my skin.

You sing an old tune – one that is close to your
heart and one that you tried to teach me many
times but that I never quite learned.

Perhaps I shall plant roses and lilies come springtime.
Would you like that?

Flowers of a Moment: Poem 145

첫 빗방울
툭 떨어지며 후박나무 잎사귀
이 잎사귀도
저 잎사귀도


when the first raindrops fall
silver magnolia leaves awaken
one at a time
this leaf
and that leaf too

-Ko Un


This is poem 145 from Flowers of a Moment, which is a small volume of poetry by Korean author Ko Un that I am currently translating into English.