night walk

Now and again, the clocks that we’ve
buried offer us calloused palms.

Dressed in weary bandages of dry, rotting
earth, weeping hands reach out from biting
mire with time on their skin.

They do this so that we may know the
frailty of our faces.

Strawberry Sake


Over the weekend, my husband and I infused sake with two pints of fresh strawberries. Two days ago, I did the first straining to remove the strawberries.  Today, the sake went through a second filtering to remove any bits of strawberries that remained after the initial straining.    We are going to pour our first glass tonight!

Do you want to try making this kind of infused sake at home?
Here is the recipe!
Recipe: Strawberry-infused sake

Shingen-Ko Matsuri 2016


Spectators and event staff wait for the samurai parade to start at the 2016 Shingen-Ko Festival (信玄公祭り)in Kofu, Japan.  Takeda Shingen was a powerful and influential Daimyo during the Sengoku Period, which lasted from 1470 to 1570, approximately. The Shin-Ko Matsuri is Japan’s largest samurai festival and parade.

Household Songs: The Brief and Unremarkable Life of Joseph Clarence Strauss/XII

Hands–puckered, pale, and patched–
slowly grow stiff
in the geometric sea that once kept
them warm.

All branches are struck by
time’s uncontrollable thunder.
Incomplete trees line landscapes, clinging fiercely to
shifting earth.