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Tonight I attended a free large-scale light installation at Columbia University’s Lenfest Center for the Arts called Waterlicht, which means “water light” in Dutch.

Waterlicht is a three-day only installation designed by Dutch artist Dan Roosengaarde.

More details can be found at the link below.  From my experience, registering is not required.  Just show up and enjoy!



Stranger and Citizen

Limber limbs suspended in time – such grace is revelation.
Acutely aware of all the wonder that surrounds us,
my mind willingly turns inward.
Everything and everyone – stranger and citizen alike – is poetry.
epic narratives, only known by a select few,
or possibly by thousands who worship in earnest.

Even with vats of black plashes,
I cannot record them all.
My ink will run dry
and my memory banks shall prove insufficient.
It would prove to be a risible endeavor.

And yet, I ache for the loss,
with no anodyne in sight.


all thoughts and traces (repost)

Living is the daily removal of dust
from various places
and beloved faces,
tending to years as if
we could hold them within
our ever-shrinking hands.

Fingers fold, hardening into
shepherd’s crooks.

Wiping away time becomes
tedious, more trouble than it’s worth,
in a season when keeping one’s eyes
open can be a tremendous struggle.

various places
beloved faces
leave them alone
all thoughts and traces

Made In Tokyo

Made in Tokyo

Yesterday, I attended the opening day of the Japan Society’s new exhibit, which compares the architecture of Tokyo during the 1964 and 2020 Summer Games.

The Japan Society is located at 333 East. 47th Street in New York City; the exhibit
will be open until January 26th, 2020.

Left: Official Exhibition poster
Right: Section from “Holes in the House” – this structure is a model of an actual house in Tokyo that was purchased and then redesigned by architects Mio Tsuneyama and
Fuminori Nousaki

untitled/October 2019

though it be stale and laced full of holes,
give us this day our daily bread,
for the shops are all closed and bakers
are home, sleeping quite soundly in
questionless beds

though it be moldy and lacking in taste,
give us this day our daily bread,
for the gut must be basted with something
homemade, before we are blessed with
freewheeling feasts

Donald and the Giant Peach


I was walking up East 10th Street this afternoon when I saw a baker sculpting an
unusual looking cake.  When I asked her what she was making, she said that it was
President Trump’s head stylized as a peach and that it was going to appear in a
television program.  As I walked away, I wondered if the cake has a mint
flavor./New York, NY-2019.October.06

UPDATE/October.07-This cake was being made for Joy Behar’s birthday.  It was
featured on The View this morning.