Brooklyn Blues

A man in a navy blue polyester suit hurries past the large maple
tree that sits in front of your house; his financial trouble
grows greater with every passing day.
In time, he may have to move out of his
Brooklyn apartment and go live with his son in Trenton.



*edited after inital posting



a microcosm

Dried Sweet Gum Pod

dried sweet gum pod

Due to my recent eye surgery, I have been falling back on older work to satisfy the photography updates for Sundry Folly.  This image was taken in December 2008 in Allentown, Pennsylvania on Christmas Day.  I was walking in my parent’s neighborhood and stopped when I noticed this beautiful and intricate sweet gum pod.

Flowers of a Moment: Poem 157

시베리아 혹한만을 말하지 말자
시베리아 폭염 속
썩어버린 잉어가시 하얗게 빛나더라



Let’s not speak only of Siberia’s bitter cold.
Inside of a Siberian heat wave
bones of rotten carp gleamed white.

-Ko Un


Unfortunately, I fell behind on my Ko Un translation project this week due to my eye surgey; I hope to finish the book by the end of next week.  This is poem 157 from Flowers of a Moment, which is a small volume of poetry by Korean author Ko Un that I am currently translating into English.