georgia on my mind



This is a typographic poster about the font, “Georgia”.  Arial has also been used.

Lothar Kinze band-promotional poster


Lothar Kinze_saxophone_1

This is a promotional poster that I created for the fictional jazz band
from Josef Skvorecky’s short story, “The Bass Saxophone.”

The First Door On the Left

You enter the room where you child self dreamed.
Your dreams have changed but the room has not

The water-stained ceiling has not forgotten how your
salt-caked eyes stared wildly up at its jowls, dazed by
what the day had dealt you, oh so ready to retreat into
your ever expanding skull.

Those walls, those taciturn aunts and uncles, recall
your mirthful mouth making merry after August
birthday thrills and encounters with middle school
Rudy Valentinos.

The pre-Instagram picture window, alone now as it
was then, reflects on who you were, who you are, and
who you may yet become.

You leave the room where your child self dreamed.
The room has changed but your dreams have not.