By All Means

At long last I understood the
myth of our alliance when your
virginal face glared at me for
sins that my flesh did not commit.

As your mouth clumsily contorted
the hands of history to mirror
your folklore my blood turned to
water and my desire to shield you
from your precipice vanished with 
the afternoon sun.

By all means journey gentle into this good night.

달을 위한 날개/wings for the sake of the moon

검은 망토 아래, 우아한 별이 숨어 있다
울고있는 달은 안타까운 가곡을 부른다
난 대단한 혼의 눈물을 씻으러 날아간다

Under a black mantle,
       elegant stars are hiding.
The weeping moon,
      hums a pitiful tune.
 I take wing to wipe away the
      tears of the magnificent spirit.