Shall We?

Shall we meet in a golden land,
where lilies white and plumb trees stand?

Shall we whistle time-honored tunes,
as we did in previous Junes?

Shall we hold each other’s faces,
whilst removing tears, all traces?

I believe we shall meet again.
It’s just a case of where and when. 

달을 위한 날개/wings for the sake of the moon

검은 망토 아래, 우아한 별이 숨어 있다
울고있는 달은 안타까운 가곡을 부른다
난 대단한 혼의 눈물을 씻으러 날아간다

Under a black mantle,
       elegant stars are hiding.
The weeping moon,
      hums a pitiful tune.
 I take wing to wipe away the
      tears of the magnificent spirit.