Sailing Swan

Swan_Yuki Park

I encountered some swans at Yuki Park during an evening walk/Kofu, Japan


다른 드럼으로 행진한다/Marching to a Different Drum

Jinhae_Air Show-Recovered_0_jpeg

A young South Korean Navel officer walks across Jinhae Public Stadium prior to an airshow that was part of the 2015 Navel Port Festival.  This festival, known as the Gunhanjae/군항제, is held every April and it coincides with the blooming of the cherry blossoms/Jinhae, South Korea

Never an Orange


There is something magical about the feeling of a new pencil sitting within your hand.  To me, they are symbolic of the creative process.

The image above was inspired by the text from a scene from Terrence McNally’s play Master Class, which follows opera singer Maria Callas as she gives a master class at Julliard.  The text from that scene can be found below.


Maria: At the conservatory Madame de Hidalgo never once had to ask me if I had a pencil. And this was during the war, when a pencil wasn’t something you just picked up at the five and ten. Oh no, no, no, no. A pencil meant something. It was a choice over something else. You either had a pencil or an orange. I always had a pencil. I never had an orange. And I love oranges. I knew one day I would have all the oranges I could want, but that didn’t make the wanting them any less.

Have you ever been hungry?

Soprano: Not like that.

Maria: It’s. It’s something you remember. Always. In some part of you.