those beets
smell foul, like feet
encased in dirty sheets;
thank you, but I’ll just stick to meat
and wheat!


When I was a little girl, I really disliked beets.  Now, I will consume them with pleasure.  I suppose that my taste buds had to mature in order to enjoy them.

Is there a traditional Thanksgiving food that you have/had an aversion to? If you eat this food now, what swayed your taste buds into liking it? Merely the passage of time?  I would be interested to hear your stories.

Happy Thanksgiving to my fellow Americans!  I hope that you are able to spend the day with loved oneswhether that means family, friends, or both.

Tritina For a Beloved One

I watch a maddening display of fear.
Small anxious eyes peer out from sallow shades
while trembling at the thought of future change.

We are the children of eternal change
despite a long companionship with fear;
yet, hues of hearts come in uncounted shades.

If we should be reduced to bitter shades
the feats of ancestors, my dear, would change.
Shake off the ruthless mantle of your fear!

Rich shades of fear—stitched into
skin—must change.