A Cat Yawns in Brooklyn


A Persian cat yawns in the late afternoon.
Brooklyn, NY


out there in the dark


This is a self-portrait that I took at the Sakamiko Illumination.  I am standing in an enclosed walk-through tube that has walls which project a revolving kaleidoscope of colored light.  I was only able to look directly at the ceiling for a few seconds before the luminance’s intensity forced me to look away.
Sagamihara, Japan
February 2016



unlikely union


Looking out towards Itsukushima Shrine from a stone sculpture.
If you have been to Miyajima and know the name of the sculpture and/or its significance, please tell me in a comment.  My tour guide explained the lookout’s significance to me, but I was too busy taking photographs for the details to sink in.
Miyajima, Japan
January 2016