Facebook Ghost

This morning close to six past eight
I placed a bagel on my plate,
then opened up my Facebook page
to see what news was all the rage.

Kate Leary had a baby boy;
she barely can contain her joy.

The selfie squad was here of course;
that gal by Ann looks like a horse!

My social justice friend is back;
for starting fights he has a knack.

It seems that Susie’s Grandma died.
I read her post and nearly cried.

Joe’s breakfast bowl looks so delish,
I wonder if that’s meat or fish?

Naomi’s pics are always great;
that’s all she posts at any rate.

Last night Sebastian got quite drunk
in his own words, drunk as a skunk.

Tom’s sister did a 5K run;
I gather it was lots of fun.

Jill’s birthday party is tonight
the theme this year is Rainbow Bright.

I comb my fingers through my hair
and try to think of things to share.
But on this windy autumn day
I just don’t have that much to say.


*edited after initial posting

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