Masan Bound

Sweat and old rain seep
out of cherry blossomed
flesh, mingling with legions
of shivering, noisome bodies
on a wind-tossed April evening,
gelatinous kneecaps disintegrating
under harsh light.  Memories of another
train–equally overflowing–and of
another spring, distant and bitter,
briefly spark in these otherwise
vacant eyes.  As high-pitched
screams fill my guilty ears,
salt stained mouths whisper
softly, eager to go home.


난 시골에서 구부러진 길을 걸으면서
낡고 황폐한 교회를 만났다

수 년 전에 멍든 하늘 아래에
비참한 그 건물은 빛에 속았다.


While walking along a crooked road in the countryside,
I came across an old and dilapidated church.

Many years ago, under a bruised sky, that wretched
building was deceived by the light.

…just like me