Flowers of a Moment: Poem 174

길을 잃었다 가도 가도 그냥 모래뿐이었다
고비 사막이었다
모래에 묻혔다 나온 백골

장차 내 백골 따위
뒷세상의 길이 될까

가슴이 두근두근 오아시스가 가까웠다


I was lost – an endless ocean of sand no matter where I went
the Gobi Desert
embrace it
buried in the sand – a skeleton appeared

soon it would be my skeleton like that
possibly on the road to the next world

my heart pounded for an oasis was near

-Ko Un


In December I gave the copy of Flowers of a Moment that I was translating as a thank-you gift to the kind woman who was my medical translator during the preoperative appointments for my eye muscle surgery.  She was also with me on the day of the surgery.  I will always be extremely grateful to her for all of her help.

Needless to say, for some strange reason, I never purchased a new copy of the book, so I was unable to finish the translation project.  This week I finally obtained a new copy and plan to finish the translation by the end of June.

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