As We Fly

Orville Peck

Last night my sister treated me to an Orville Peck show at the Music Hall of Wiliamsburg.  He was fabulous!  
2019.October.15/Brooklyn, NY

You can check out his music video for “Dead of Night” at the link below.
Orville Peck-Dead of Night video


music hall of williamsburg

Winding Up Inside

“Beware of darkness,” you gently cry out of the blue.
L’Angelo Misterioso, if not for you — what is life?

Don’t you understand that it is light which I fear?
The darkness is why I came.
No one can escape from it — not even you.
Isn’t it a pity?

All things must pass,
so — let it down, plug me in, and let it roll
like you have no place to go.
Behind that locked door, I’d have you anytime.

It won’t take long.
Everyone has choice— it’s free!

This is the art of living.

At The Buffet

She flicks that golden braid over her shoulder
onto a rhinestone studded collared jean jacket
as she sings her soul out under hot teal lights.
The greens and pinks of her floral skirt swirl
around dimpled knees while both hands raise
above heads to clap us into submission.
She’s a robot.
She’s a swallow.
She’s a Canens at battle with the night.
She can be anything she wants to be.
She’s got all her love to give.
She WILL survive.