Sartorial Suicide (or, How to Put On a Kimono Correctly)

“Left over right,” is what she said.
“Left over right, or you are dead.”
But, I forgot what I was told
and now my lips are crisp and cold


South End Sunday

I went to South End late last night
to eat some oyster stew
and saw a wicked awesome fight
while sipping on my brew!

Sweet punches flew like fighter planes
from two gigantic men,
until some cops came bearing chains
and passage to the pen!


Excerpt from PotPP

Outside our town there was a glade
where coats of comely mallow swayed.
Their beauty made the billows weep
and caused blithe bumblebees to leap
upon those vivid violet thrones
to gather dusty yellow stones.
The wooers chose that pretty place
to slyly bask in joy’s embrace.
Each morning at the stroke of nine
they hurried past the prickly pine
to wallow in warm waiting arms
and revel in each other’s charms.

“Plight of the Peevish Peddler” is a 2,360 word narrative poem, written in iambic tetrameter that I wrote about a year and a half ago.  This excerpt is from the poem’s second section.


Interview (a Rubliw)

Interview_ Rubliw_debut_2

The  Rubliw was invented by American poet Richard Wilbur.  It is a 9 line form that is framed as a message to an individual person or to a larger group of people.  The Rubliw is monorhymed and bears the following iambic structure.

L1 – monometer
L2 – dimeter
L3 – trimeter
L4 – tetrameter
L5 – pentameter
L6 – tetrameter
L7 – trimeter
L8 – dimeter
L9 – monometer


this dust
is an offense
which manifestly must
be uprooted with an intense



My maternal grandmother was a skilled miniaturist who painstakingly created a beautiful collection of small fascinating rooms. This short poem was inspired by her “Victorian Parlour.”