The Vulture

And to the north I saw a star
which did not seem so very far
from where those lonely columns rose;
I felt its heat upon my nose,
and heard a willful, warbling call
emerge from heaven’s endless wall.
Through some strange force I can’t explain
that flaming bird threw down a chain
and pulled me up to raven sky,
now here I sit, away up high,
ensconced in Lyra’s brightest light
on this obscure and biting night.


Sailors watch willful waves crash over the
Starboard as a venerable concertina wails
Shamelessly against the charcoal bolt.
Sargas casts his naked brilliance o’er the
Surface of frightened alabaster faces while
Shaula slings celestial tears upon the somber
Schooner fore it slinks into its frigid grave.