Silent Silhouette

Lake Suwa_end

This is a shot of Nagano Prefecture’s Lake Suwa just after sunset.  The statue is of Princess Yaegaki, who is a key figure in Honcho Nijushiko.  Honcho Nijushiko is a five-act drama that was first performed in 1766.  At the end of the story, Yaegaki walks across a frozen Lake Suwa to save her lover from a violent death.

난항/Rough Passage

오래된  그 배는 끊임없는 격랑에 항해한다
부담을 실은 배에 따라 두근거리는 내 가슴은 요동친다
몸은 약하고  지치는데  계속적으로 난 고요한 바다를 기원한다
힘들고 오랜 항해 후 육지에 올랐다
영원히 무거운 눈꺼풀을 감는다

This old boat sails through an endless rough sea.
My pounding heart rolls with the burdened ship.
This body is weak and ragged; I pray incessantly for calm waters.
After a long and difficult voyage, land is reached.
Heavy eyelids close forever.


It has been one week since I updated the blog.  I have been busy with work and Korean studies.   Hopefully this lag in updates will not become a trend! 🙂