A Portrait of Gratitude


This photograph is of my good friend Mayo—who I met in college over ten years ago—and her new husband Keisuke at their recent wedding in Yokohama, Japan.  This was taken right after the couple acknowledged their parents by reading prepared “letters of gratitude”.  It was a beautiful moment.

Fresh Bread (Love Poetry Challenge)

Here, lies our love.
Long may love reign!
Clear, lies our love,
within love’s stark stain.

There, lies our love.
Don’t ask love why.

Near, lies our love,
in love’s jaunty way.
Dear, lies our love.
Love, can you stay?

Love doesn’t just sit there, like a stone; it has to be made, like bread, remade all the time, made new.
~Ursula K. LeGuin


I was challenged to write a “Love in Ten Lines” poem.  Each line had to be four words long with the word love appearing in each line.  Also, one had to include a favorite quote about love at the end.
This is what I came up with.


mi amor
es una cereza estropeada
blanda y carnosa
manchará los dedos
maneje con mucho cuidado

my love is an
overripe cherry
soft and fleshy
it will stain your fingers
handle it with great care

내 사랑은
너무 익은 버찌이다
부드럽고 살찐 것이다
손가락이 얼룩지게 될 것이다
신중히 처리해야 한다


I wrote this poem 10 years ago when I was studying Spanish in college.  I found it on an old hard drive today and decided to translate it into Korean.  Apologies if either the Spanish or Korean translation is way off.